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Evalumetrics Research

"It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf."
Walter Lippmann

Welcome to the web site for Evalumetrics Research.  You can learn more about our evaluation
research services by contacting us at:

NEW Community Survey
Evalumetrics now provides the web-based Community Prevention Survey to  
assess attitudes and opinions of parents and other adults in the community.  
The Survey also monitors exposure to media spots and other prevention
strategies and public support for policy initiatives.
For more information and to preview the Community Prevention Survey click here.

NEW Youth Survey for 2013
Evalumetrics Youth Survey (c) based on the risk and protective factor model
and the Strategic Prevention Framework is a web-based student survey
offered at dramatically reduced cost and takes 25% less time to complete
compared to paper and pencil surveys.
For more information and to preview the Evalumetrics Youth Survey click here.

Evalumetrics Research 2 new reports on
Long-term Impact of Life Skills Training
Click here to view report on LST and substance use.
Click here to view report on LST and risk and protective factors.

Hold the Horses - Commentary on Anheuser Bush deceptive   
TV ad about Prohibition.
Click here to view article

2011 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Public Service Award
Rob Lillis
Click here to Read the Press Release.

Just for fun...I started a blog.  It is called Teen in the 60s to 60s in the Teens.  
You can find it at www.60steen.blogspot.com.

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